Real Estate. It's such a sterile word, isn't it? Sure, there are business transactions in real estate that are all about numbers on a piece of paper. Those are great opportunities to have. However, most real estate transactions are about daily needs, security and hope for the future. They're not about houses; they're about homes. That is exactly what attracted me to Real Estate as a profession.

For most people, purchasing a home is the largest financial commitment they will ever make. Whether you do it just once or many times over the course of a lifetime, it is important that you have someone you trust guide you through the process. Whether you're a first time homebuyer, selling your house to move onto a new phase of your life, or looking to build your dream home brick-by-brick, I want to help you realize your goals. Ideally a home not only meets your needs, but also feeds your soul.

As a real estate agent with interior decorating experience, I am able to help buyers see beyond the former home owner's sometimes less than desirable "design" choices and envision the home it will become. Likewise, as a certified home stager, I am qualified to assist sellers in transforming their house into an aesthetically please home canvas that will appeal to the widest possible group of potential buyers.

It can be overwhelming. Atlanta is home to nearly 5 million people. It covers more than 8,000 square miles. Real Estate incorporates a vast body of knowledge that is rapidly changing. You owe it to yourself to choose a real estate consultant who will expertly navigate the system for you every step of the way, protecting your interests in contract negotiations, providing valuable, thoroughly researched information, and most of all, enabling you to Love Life, Love Home.


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